4 Fat Loss Myths


Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to losing weight. “You’re not eating enough protein.” “Your parents were overweight so you’ll always be overweight.” “You don’t have the right genetics.” There is so much garbage/non-sense that it can be confusing with what actually works. It’s like the game, Telephone. You know, the one where […]

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Metabolism Game Changer – As Seen on Dr. Oz

metabolism game changer

Metabolism Game Changer – Yacon Syrup Sometimes, our metabolisms need a kick in the pants before they’ll get moving. As most people age, they stop exercising, increase the amount of food they eat, and start packing on extra pounds. While being overweight is accepted in America, it’s not a healthy way to live. As someone […]

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Weight Watchers Online Reviews

weight watchers online reviews

Stop wasting time on diets that don’t work. Get the skinny on this program by watching these Weight Watchers online reviews. If you’re serious about losing weight and regaining control of your life, check out these reviews before buying this program. Learn more about Weight Watchers here or get more information on the weight watchers […]

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Jillian Michaels Before and After

jillian michaels before and after

If you’ve struggled with weight loss in the past, following the teaching of Jillian Michael’s will help tone your butt, legs, and abs. More information about weight loss here.

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Best Time to Work Out to Maximize Weight Loss Efforts


Finding the best time to work out can be difficult. If you have struggled in the past, check out more information on how the Weight Watchers app can help you stay on track with losing weight. Working out every day is a great way to keep your body well conditioned and to stay active as […]

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Weight Watchers Training

weight watchers training

The best thing about Weight Watchers training is that they offer personal coaching from someone who’s been in your shoes. On your first training session, you’ll take a personal assessment quiz to discover more about your lifestyle and habits. You’ll also get unlimited one-on-one sessions (phone or email) to ensure you’re getting everything you need! […]

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Weight Watchers Meetings

weight watchers meetings

Learn more about why Weight Watchers meetings are an essential part of the entire program. More information about weight loss here. Still interested in learning more about this diet program? Watch some great Weight Watchers online reviews.

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Weight Watchers Points Plus

best time to work out mornings

When you use Weight Watchers, you’re assigning a point value to the type of food that you eat. A hot dog might have 5 points while an apple may have 2 points. Depending on the type of food you eat, you’ll count up your points every day to hopefully be within the ideal point value […]

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Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days Using the Weight Watchers App

woman eating fruit

What Makes the Weight Watchers Program Tick? Finding a diet and exercise plan that works for you can be a difficult challenge. If you have been browsing different internet pages for a fitness program that will suit you, chances are you’ve stumbled across the Weight Watchers program. This particular program is developed by some of […]

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Weight Watchers Food

healthy food options

The best thing about weight watchers food is that it’s easy to eat because it tastes so good! You’ll be losing weight in no time because their system is ideal. With your Weight Watchers Food Points Plus tracking system, you’ll be able to monitor how much food goes in and how much energy you use. […]

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50 Shapes of Grey Workout by Kristen James

shades of gray workout

The newest and hottest way to workout is called 50 Shapes of Grey, the workout inspired by the popular book 50 Shades of Grey. Kristen James, who created CYCLEology, has created the new and hot way to work out called the 50 Shapes of Grey. Guaranteed to spice up your intimate life while getting you […]

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Weight Watchers Food Points

fat loss goal

When it comes to tracking your weight watchers food points, you’ll want to be aware of what foods equal how many points. Using our simple chart below, you will be able to start calculating how many points you’re accumulating each day. GUIDE: To search for a specific item on this page, and if you’re on […]

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