With the advance in technology, it’s now convenient to log into your weight watchers account wherever you live and from your iPhone or iPad. Never able to log in from your home computer? No problem. You can access this app while you’re on the go to see updated recipes, fitness and health news, workout information, and more!

What will the app do for you?

This app is phenomenal because it allows you to connect to your Points Plus program. You can access this program whether you’re using your iPhone or iPad. With the addition of the iPad, the mobile app is designed to be seen with the larger view and the user experience is magnified. Why not take advantage of the larger screen and download this application for your iPad? This app makes life easier by allowing you to track your progress daily.

App Features

– Daily recipes (and save up to 10 favorites)
– Add custom shopping lists Create shopping lists from recipes
– Choose better food options with easy-to-use “cheat sheets”
– Read others’ success stories and discover great weight-loss tips and self-improvement articles
– Located Weight Watchers groups/meetings in your area
– Chat with Groups/Friends, upload your own photos (free registration required)

weight watchers app screenshots

Subscribers to the App

– Track PointsPlus® points for food consumption and activity level Weight Watchers App
– Search more than 31,000 food choices, meals and delicious recipes
– Keep a log of your weight and see complete progress with interactive graphs
– Set calendar events to help you remember important goals

If you’re a subscriber, you can connect to Weight Watchers online and download the application, then log in with a current username and password for total access to these extra tools.

This mobile application is fantastic for men and women who are on the go every day and need a quick way to track progress and food choices. This app is free, too!

Have you ever been out of town and forgot to bring your recipes, workout logs, and training program, and thought, “I wish I had those things”? Well, that’s the beauty of this free mobile app. It stores all of your important information all in one location. You just need to have access to the computer or you iPhone/iPad. This weight loss app will help you track your progress and keep you motivated through thick and thin. If you don’t have a partner to work out with and to help stay motivated, you can read other members’ testimonials and progress. Their success stories will keep your mind fixed on your goals. This app is definitely something you’re going to want to hold onto for a long time. This app is honestly one of the best weight tracking programs on the market today.

Click to download the app: OS X / Android